More cake, rides, and pies

August has come and gone and Labor Day is right around the corner. Covid is still impacting everyday life – work from home, on-line education, mostly virtual cycling events, etc. and there is great uncertainty as time continues its forward march towards cooler temperatures and less outdoor activities. However, cycling and food continue to remain a constant in my life. The Missus recently celebrated her naming day and naturally received gifts of both flavors. From me she received a new bike, a Woman’s Cannondale Quick1 (and yes, we discussed the purchase prior to executing and she rode several models before the final selection). The bike was an early birthday present as she’s been riding it for a couple of months now. She finds the upright position much more comfortable than the traditional road bike. She enjoys her rides as it also improves her running.

Our son and his girlfriend prepared a Nordic-themed four-course dinner: cucumber salad; fish (cod) soup; halibut, mussels, gratin potatoes, and barley, and; Nordic potato mud cake. All truly delicious.

cucumber salad
apples and raisins (not to be eaten yet)
fish soup (now they can be eaten!)
halibut, mussels, gratin potatoes, and barley
Nordic potato mud cake with homemade whipped cream

On the following evening, our daughter brought a chocolate cake.

chocolate birthday cake for the Missus

On the cycling side of the ledger, finished the structured portion of the year on a truly disappointing note. As mentioned previously, primary focus for the last part of summer was on achieving a PR on a local, very flat 40K time trial course. Twice each week was spent on the trainer creating massive puddles in the garage doing SST intervals ranging from 8 – 15 minutes. Had good workouts and not so good ones. Attempted another taper for the week leading up to the planned day but legs never felt good during the final 10 days. Weather forecast was crappy – remnants of Hurricane Laura were threatening to make a complete washout of TT day. The following day was supposed to be mostly sunny but the wind was going to be unfavorable. Monitored the forecast constantly the day before and it appeared there was a good chance of being rain free for a small window early in the morning. The window would be just long enough for a warm-up and the TT effort. Cool down would likely be in the rain. Obsession won and woke up early and departed before 0500 for the 110 minute drive. Roads were mostly dry enroute to the course but drove through rain about 20 minutes away from the course. Weather gods smiled upon me, again, and moved the rain away.

Roads stayed dry, wind was favorable, humidity was high but legs just didn’t have it. Power numbers were on target at the mid-way point but just unable to maintain. Finished a disappointing 25 seconds slower than best time although it was second best time. There’s always next year and I will return to once again attempt to reach my goal.

In preparation for my next cycling adventure, Labor Day weekend was dedicated to century rides. Saturday was 102.85 miles and 4780 ft of elevation in 4:56; Sunday was 101.46 miles with 7940 ft of climbing in 5:38, and; Monday was 100.5 miles and 5335 ft of elevation in 5:23. Legs were extremely fatigued by the end but the weekend should prove more than adequate to complete my next cycling Bucket List item – Natchez Trace Parkway.

Maybe as a reward, or maybe just because the Missus enjoys baking, lots of pie was available.

mixed berries pie
mixed berries pie a la mode
peanut butter pie

2 thoughts on “More cake, rides, and pies

    1. Thanks, Kat. Always been goal driven which contributes to why I didn’t stay in a small Ohio town on the shores of Lake Erie beyond high school. It’s nice to be able to write about two of my passions. Your blog was a motivation in creating this one.


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