January 2023

Began the year recovering from a nasty virus, both home test and Walgreen’s NAAT were negative for Covid, forcing a couple days off then easing backing into Zwift land. The Missus contracted full-blown Covid and had to make a trip to OH to deal with her mother’s failure to thrive and memory loss. She’s no longer capable of living by herself. That whole elder medical care industry is a complete mess.

Dropped the cracked Synapse off at the local bike shop for stripping and pick-up by a local carbon fiber repair shop. Still haven’t received any response from the Cannondale rep regarding a replacement frame so decided to have it repaired. Apparently, repairs will make the break site stronger than original.

Rib soreness returned, both in the back (late Aug Skyline tumble and 3 rib fractures) and front (impact from elderly driver turning into me) and potentially compounded by nasty cough that accompanied the new year virus. Established a new indoor pain cave for inclement weather in FL using the Zwift Hub as the smart trainer. Less than half the price of Wahoo Kickr and works pretty well. Started and completed 7 stages of the 2023 Tour de Zwift but kept it mostly low-mid Z2 efforts. Elevated HR response continued through first half of the month.

Made return trip to FL – no vehicle issues this time. While taking the Cannon off the trainer and placing the rear wheel back on, discovered a broken spoke on the Hed wheel. Wouldn’t be using the primary randonneuring bike, 2017 Cannondale SuperSix Evo (Cannon), for the weekend rides. Didn’t have any other rim brake wheels in FL. Will have to fix that shosrtcoming depending upon how long it remains the randonneuring bike. Remounted the front light and handlebar bag back on Wili and loaded it in the car. Forgot to take the rear light off the Cannon but thankfully had my secondary light on the back of my helmet. Would only need the lights for a little over an hour as the 300K started at 0600 and the 200K at 0700. Saturday was cold and windy. Rode with Recumbent Man and 2 others for the entire day. Temps were in the high 30s but had a 15+ mph wind which pushed us to a 20.8 mph average for the first 95 miles. The return took about an hour longer and the 3 of us took turns behind Recumbent Man as he pulled us back. Legs definitely lost endurance over the last half of December and first week of January. Sunday was a colder start for the 200K but didn’t feel as cold as the wind was much more mild. Had navigational challenges early on – within first 3 miles, Garmin route indicated a U-turn. Realized the error but had to climb the steep hill twice (rear cassette is only 11-25) and put me at the rear of the group. Ended up catching everyone but Recumbent Man was just departing the turnaround spot as I rolled in. Entire ride for both him and me were solo efforts. Garmin Edge died at the last rest stop with 21 miles to go. Had to use RideWithGPS but for whatever reason, didn’t have any turn-by-navigations so had to have the phone in hand or frequently place/remove it from the handlebar bag. Not a very enjoyable last 20 miles. Front derailleur needs adjustment as the rub in certain gears was very irritating. Successfully completed the ride and enjoyed the post ride pizza! Received bad news 15 minutes before start of 200K – Dad fell and fractured his right hip, shoulder, and 3 ribs along with a collapsed lung. 

Spent the last week of the month in OH juggling parental assist, work, and Zwifting. Good thing PBP isn’t until August as unable to continue building fitness as planned. Completed the initial Zwift ride in the detached, unheated garage (balmy inside temp of 40°) and then remembered the basement. Forgot the basement? Access is from the outside only, like a storm cellar. That is heated and a much better environment. Mostly Z2 efforts with a slow return to threshold and VO2max intervals.

The only photos are a new pasta casserole (southwestern chicken pasta bake) and the x-ray depicting my father’s new internal hardware. 

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