Excellent meal

The cycling continues with more of it being in the garage on the trainer. The weather forecast is just dreadful: rain for 12 out of the next 13 days. I’ll survive, especially knowing the next Bucket List item will be front and center in just over two weeks. No spoiler alert. All in good time. Today’s entry isn’t about cycling but a meal prepared the other night – ravioli lasagna, sunny Mediterranean bread, and raisin rum bundt cake for dessert. A great feature with the ravioli is that it can be different every time it’s made. Depends on the types of fresh ravioli used – mushroom, sausage, cheese, etc. Ingredients for the bread include dried tomatoes and olives. Only used the bread machine to make the dough, then baked it in the oven. Naturally the bundt cake includes California sun-dried raisins and Goslings Bermuda Black Rum.

ravioli lasagna
sunny Mediterranean bread
raisin rum bundt cake

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