Father’s Day dinner

It’s a couple of days past Father’s Day and it’s also day three of no cycling activity. Pulled a back muscle and it turned in to back spasms while attempting to complete an every day domestic chore. It’s slowly improving but no where near comfortable. Laying down aggravates it the least followed by standing then sitting. Anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxers haven’t done much to alleviate the pain. It’s my first experience with a muscle spasm and I always naively scoffed when professional athletes were scratched from a game due to spasms. Ignorant no longer and there will be no more “suck it up, buttercup!” attitude. It is truly an unpleasant experience.

The real entry is about the fabulous dinner my son prepared for Father’s Day. It was a cassoulet (French casserole) that would have been welcome at any restaurant in Toulouse. It was quite the undertaking that required multi-day preparation. He used duck, pork shoulder, homemade sausage made from pork shoulder, white beans, a hearty ragout, and various herbs and spices. He accompanied the cassoulet with fried duck skin. For dessert he served poached pear with homemade syrup and whip cream. I’m not a big fan of pears but that was a truly delicious end to gastronomic delight.

cassoulet with fried duck skin
poached pear with homemade syrup and whip cream

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