A cake for many reasons

Due to the continued modifications forced upon every day life from Covid-19’s continued presence, Father’s Day celebration with my daughter was delayed by a week. In truth, one of the most significant impacts to our regular routine is the disruption to our regular Sunday Family Dinner. Family dinner was always a staple of maintaining quality time for a military family with two very academically and athletically active children. We’re fortunate that our adult children still live close enough to continue family dinner, although limited to a weekly occurrence. For most of spring, our Sunday dinner was the same as the rest of the week – just me and the Missus. Certainly not a bad thing but also not the same as having both children and their significant others join us.

This time my daughter showed off her mad baking skills with a peanut butter cake. Peanut butter is a favorite of mine and when she offered to bake a cake, I was looking forward to it all week. The cake did not disappoint! Peanut butter is in each of the layers as well as the frosting. The recipe actually calls for 3 layers. Dare I say that might be too much. The two-layered cake was just pushing the limits of “too rich” but 3 would have crushed it. Naturally it was served with Breyer’s Reese’s ice cream.

peanut butter cake

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