Delayed birthday dinner and a new muffin flavor

The Missus and I have always made a point to celebrate birthdays with the celebrant selecting the dinner meal. Due to school, work, sports schedules, and day of the week, the gathering was often held on a different day either before or after the actual birth date. Not quite an unbirthday but not the real date either. This time it was the Missus’ birthday that was celebrated late but the meal prepared by the boy child was worth the wait. The only preference provided was a juicy meat with a sauce. Apparently, it was sufficient guidance as once again, the 3-course meal was exquisite. The appetizer was home-made amaranth crackers and toasted, sliced baguette bread with white fish, white beans, and sumac dip. The first course was a scrumptious turnip greens salad with walnuts, cherries, and an orange vinaigrette. The main course was roasted duck breast with cherry sauce, green beans with duck egg aioli, wild rice, and sweet potato biscuits. Dessert was a very tasty chocolate pots de crème. He never ceases to amaze me with his culinary creativity. Many of his dishes require multiple steps or even days of preparation before serving.

Turnip greens salad
Main course: roasted duck, green beans, wild rice, and sweet potato biscuit
Chocolate pots de creme

Added a new fruit flavor to the list of muffins: pear and walnut. Took a few liberties with the recipe based upon my vast (nearly yearlong) muffin baking experience. Used a combination of bartlett and Anjou (red) pears. Didn’t realize peeled pears are a little slimy. Fun fact: pear skin has double the amount of fiber compared to a similar sized apple. Also added butter and more wheat flour than called for in the recipe. Yogurt was called for but couldn’t find pear yogurt although both Yoplait and Tillamook (never heard of) make it according to a Google search. Used plain Greek yogurt instead. Recipe also called for putting the walnuts in a food processor but didn’t want walnut dust. Started with walnut nuggets and used a rolling pin over the bag to break them up a little but not pulverize them. Tasted pretty good.

Pear and walnut muffins

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